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How to make a blogger sitemap

The most important tool for working masters. Sitemaps are a webmaster tool that makes it easy to add sitemaps to your blog/website. Therefore, the Goo

How to make a blogger sitemap
How to make a blogger sitemap

How to make a blogger sitemap - Hello, how are you, I hope you're doing well, I'm sharing how to make a sitemap on blogger. Hope you like it.

What are sitemaps?

The most important tool for working masters. Sitemaps are a webmaster tool that makes it easy to add sitemaps to your blog/website. Therefore, the Google search engine easily crawls and reaches existing pages and new pages within them.

What is the function of a sitemap?

Sitemap will improve search engine optimization like Google Webmaster in finding URLs. And another function is that visitors can find the articles they are looking for more easily. This feature can be considered as a valuable tool to increase your blog visitors.

How to make a blogger sitemap

  • Open your blogger.com website
  • Then go to => Pages
  • Then click to +New Page
  • Create a page with the name sitemap
  • Then change the writing format to display HTML
  • After that paste the following code.
<div dir="ltr" style="text-align: left;" trbidi="on">

<style type="text/css">

.tabbed-toc {margin:0 auto;background-color:#2f77bd;box-shadow: 0 0 7px rgba(5, 5, 5, 0.34);overflow:hidden;

position:relative;color:#333;border: 1px solid #9C9C9C;}

.tabbed-toc .loading {display:block;padding:10px 12px;font:normal bold 12px/normal Helmet,Poppins,Sans-Serif;


.tabbed-toc ul,.tabbed-toc ol,.tabbed-toc li {margin:0;padding:0;list-style:none;}

.tabbed-toc .toc-tabs {width:20%;float:left;}

.tabbed-toc .toc-tabs li a {display:block;font:normal bold 12px/28px Helmet,Poppins,Sans-Serif;overflow:hidden;text-overflow:ellipsis;color:#fff;text-transform:uppercase;text-decoration:none;

padding:7px 15px;cursor:pointer;box-shadow: 0px 1px 1px rgb(255, 255, 255);}

.tabbed-toc .toc-tabs li a:hover {background-color:#4086E0;color:white;box-shadow: 0 0 7px rgba(0,0,0,.7);}

.tabbed-toc .toc-tabs li a.active-tab {background-color:#FFF;color:black;box-shadow: 0 0 7px rgba(0,0,0,.7);

z-index:5;margin:0 -1px 0 0;/* cursor:text; */}

.tabbed-toc .toc-content,.tabbed-toc .toc-line {width:80%;float:right;background-color:white;border-left:5px solid #1E84BC;box-sizing:border-box;}

.tabbed-toc .toc-line {float:none;display:block;position:absolute;top:0;right:0;bottom:0;box-shadow:0 0 7px rgba(0,0,0,.7);}

.tabbed-toc .panel {position:relative;z-index:5;font:normal normal 10px/normal Helmet,Poppins,Sans-Serif;}

.tabbed-toc .panel li a {display:block;position:relative;font-weight:bold;font-size:12px;color:#000;line-height:20px;padding: 10px 12px;


.tabbed-toc .panel li time {display:block;font-style:italic;font-weight:normal;font-size:10px;color:#666;float:right;}

.tabbed-toc .panel li .summary {display:block;padding:10px 12px 10px;font-style:italic;

border-bottom:4px solid #05A6F7;overflow:hidden;}

.tabbed-toc .panel li .summary img.thumbnail {float:left;display:block;margin:0 8px 0 0;padding:4px;

width:72px;height:72px;border:1px solid #dcdcdc;background-color:#fafafa;}

.tabbed-toc .panel li:nth-child(even) {background-color:#fff}

.tabbed-toc .panel li a:hover,.tabbed-toc .panel li a:focus,.tabbed-toc .panel li a:hover time,.tabbed-toc .panel li.bold a {


.tabbed-toc .panel li.bold a:hover,

.tabbed-toc .panel li.bold a:hover time {background-color:#222}

.post ol li::before {content: none;}

.post ol li {margin:0;}

@media (max-width:700px) {

.tabbed-toc {border:2px solid #333}

.tabbed-toc .toc-tabs,.tabbed-toc .toc-content {overflow:hidden;width:auto;float:none;display:block;}

.tabbed-toc .toc-tabs li {display:inline;float:left;}

.tabbed-toc .toc-tabs li a,.tabbed-toc .toc-tabs li a.active-tab {background-color:#F0F9FD;box-shadow:2px 0 7px rgba(0,0,0,.4);color:#000}

.tabbed-toc .toc-tabs li a.active-tab {background-color:white;color:#333;}

.tabbed-toc .toc-content {border:none}

.tabbed-toc .toc-line,

.tabbed-toc .panel li time {display:none}

.tabbed-toc .panel li a{height: auto;}


<br />

<div class="tabbed-toc" id="tabbed-toc">

<span class="loading">Loading Sitemap…</span></div>


var tabbedTOC = {

blogUrl: "https://Idnblogpro.blogspot.com", // Website URL

containerId: "tabbed-toc", // Container ID

activeTab: 1, // The default active tab index (default: the first tab)

showDates: false, // `true` to show the post date

showSummaries: false, // `true` to show the posts summaries

numChars: 200, // Number of summary chars

showThumbnails: false, // `true` to show the posts thumbnails (Not recommended)

thumbSize: 40, // Thumbnail size


monthNames: [ // Array of month names














newTabLink: true, // Open link in new window?

maxResults: 99999, // Maximum post results

preload: 0, // Load the feed after 0 seconds (option => time in milliseconds || "onload")

sortAlphabetically: true, // `false` to sort posts by published date

showNew: 7, // `false` to hide the "New!" mark in most recent posts, or define how many recent posts are to be marked

newText: ' – <em style="color:red;">New!</em>' // HTML for the "New!" text



<script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/gh/tovic/[email protected]/tabbed-toc.min.js"></script></div>
Maybe that's enough for a tutorial on how to make a sitemap on blogger . Thank You

Thanks for reading: How to make a blogger sitemap, Sorry, my English is bad:)

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