Free Blogspot Templates Can Be Used as a Reference Choice

Free Blogspot Templates Can Be Used as a Reference Choice
Free Blogspot Templates Can Be Used as a Reference Choice

Nowadays, more and more free blogspot templates are being offered and can be used by users. Usually free templates like this are sought after by those who don't want to spend the budget to buy the premium version.

Due to being in a condition of saving expenses. The choice of template will greatly influence the appearance of the blog. When the appearance is attractive, it will make visitors interested in visiting the blog.

What's more, if the content is made very interesting. Whether it's creating content independently or by asking for help from quality SEO services . For those of you who are looking for free template references for Blogspot, you can read the following discussion.

Understanding Blog Templates at a Glance

Before moving on to discussing recommendations that can be used as reference options, we will first briefly explain blog templates. So, a blog template is a website page design.

Where the page design also includes all the structuring elements which are arranged systematically. The right display design will make the website page look more attractive and comfortable to look at.

Apart from that, it also makes it easier for users to find the information they need on the website. It's not surprising that many blog users are looking for interesting free blogspot template references.

Even though it's free, the text and image layout that will appear on the website page is no less interesting than the premium version. When the template is changed, what changes is not only the writing font, but also the color and background.

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These are some of the components that make up a blog template

When using Blogspot, you can actually edit the template according to your wishes independently. But indeed, when you want to do something like this, you need to know a good programming language, especially HTML.

It will be difficult to customize a blogspot template independently for people who are unfamiliar with programming languages. There are several components that make up a blog template, including:


Hyper Text Markup Language or HTML is a markup language that is useful for creating website pages as well as all of its constituent elements. This type of language functions to regulate the content and appearance of the website.

There are various versions of HTML tags that can be used to customize the appearance of the website. The newer the version used, the more dynamic and varied the appearance and performance of the related blog will be.

2. Javascript

Javascript is the next free blogspot template component that will make the page display look interactive and dynamic. An example of using this component is changing the appearance of a blog to mobile.

So, later when the user wants to open the blog via cellphone there will be no problems. As we know, not all pages set up for website users can be used by mobile phone users, so special settings are needed.

3. CSS

The final component is CSS or Cascading Style Sheets which has the function of defining HTML components in the blog template. For example, even on the same website page, the text style for each header tag can be different.

Various Important Aspects to Pay Attention to When Choosing a Blogspot Template

When using the services of a digital marketing agency that specializes in blogs, it is usually done at the same time as choosing the right template. So, it's not just about taking care of the content, but also the appearance design to attract the attention of potential customers.

But, what if you want to choose a blogspot template independently? Even though you want a free design, that doesn't mean you can be careless when choosing. There are various important aspects to pay attention to when choosing, including:

1. SEO Friendly

The first important aspect is to make sure it is SEO friendly. Optimizing SEO techniques is not only about writing or content that will later be posted on Blogspot. However, the blog design must also be made with a professional appearance.

When the SEO of a website page is optimal, it has great potential to get first ranking on search engines. There are many important aspects to pay attention to in free blogspot templates so that they look attractive.

Starting from layout, inserting alt text images, balancing heading and subheading parameters, schemes, meta navigation, metadata and much more. Make sure the template you will use has been updated to the latest version of the Google algorithm.

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2. Fast Load

The next important aspect is fast load. When the page is able to load content more quickly, it will provide comfort for visitors. Because, they don't have to wait too long until the page opens completely.

Usually this type of fast load template has a simple design appearance. Apart from that, there are few elements and widgets used. A design like this will make the blog not feel heavy and has great potential to be ranked first in Google searches.

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3. Responsive Design

Apart from fast loading, choosing a template should be responsive. So, later the blog can be loaded by visitors according to the screen size of the device they are using.

The template will adjust the element size and width automatically. An appearance like this will make the website look professional and provide comfort for visitors.

4. Has good support

When choosing a free blogspot template, make sure the provider has good support. So, later when users encounter problems or obstacles when using this design, they can easily contact support.

5. There is a Widget Insertion Option

The last important aspect is that there is a widget insertion option. Widgets are an additional feature on blogs. Usually its position is in the footer or sidebar area of ​​the website page. Some examples are social media icons, calendars, advertisements and photo slide shows.

Using this widget feature can make it easier for visitors to access the blog. Apart from that, it will also provide a good experience to visitors. The selection of this widget can be adjusted to suit your needs.

You can choose from a variety of free Blogspot templates

Actually, there are many blogspot templates that are provided for free that users can choose from. Which option you want to choose, just adjust it to your needs and the desired design theme. Here are several options you can consider:

1. Diver Blogger theme

Diver blogger template
Diver blogger template

Diver is a blogger template carefully designed to enhance the user experience of your blog visitors and followers. With various smart features provided, this template will help optimize your site's performance. Here are some interesting things about the Diver template:

  1. SEO Optimization : Diver has been specially optimized for search engines. This means that your blog will have a better chance of appearing in search results, increasing its visibility.
  2. Compatibility with Adsense : If you generate revenue through Adsense ads, Diver supports easy integration. You can quickly display ads on your site without any problem.
  3. Fast Loading Time : This template is built with a focus on fast loading time. This is important because users often abandon slow sites. With Diver, you can ensure a better user experience.
  4. RTL Language Support : For those using languages ​​written right to left (RTL), Diver has good support. This allows you to reach Arabic, Hebrew and other speaking audiences.
  5. Core Web Vitals Optimization : This template also addresses the main issues of Google's Core Web Vitals. This means your site will meet the quality standards desired by leading search engines.
  6. Verification Tools : You can easily check the optimization level of this template using tools like Lighthouse Page Speed ​​Test, GTmetrix, and Pingdom. Impressive results will prove Diver's efficiency.

With Diver, you can improve your website performance quickly and easily. This template provides an efficient solution to present your content to your audience in a better way. So, give Diver a try and see the difference it makes in your user experience and search engine rankings.

2.Blogger Store  Previous Theme

Blogger Store  Previous Theme
Blogger Store  Previous Theme

Introducing the enhanced version of the Blogger Store theme, meticulously crafted to elevate your blogging journey. With its fully responsive design, your blog will shine across all devices, ensuring seamless accessibility for your audience. Embrace a vibrant, multicolored palette that captivates visitors from the moment they land on your page.
Optimized for mobile viewing and search engines, this theme ensures your content reaches its full potential. Seamlessly integrate ads to monetize your platform, while lightning-fast loading speeds keep visitors engaged. Bid farewell to frustrating 404 errors with our error 404 page, ensuring a smooth browsing experience.
Forge connections with your audience through social follow buttons and a convenient search widget. Harness the power of shortcodes for enhanced customization, while automatic thumbnails entice readers to delve deeper into your content.
Navigate effortlessly with our responsive footing and multi-drop-down menu, while related posts with thumbnails encourage exploration. Extensive documentation empowers you to make the most of every feature.
  1. Fully Responsive: Ensure that the theme is compatible with various screen sizes and devices, including smartphones, tablets, and desktops.
  2. Multicolored: Allow for customizable color options to give users the ability to change the color scheme to their preference.
  3. Mobile-Friendly: Continuously optimize the theme for mobile devices to provide a seamless browsing experience.
  4. SEO Friendly: Implement best practices for search engine optimization, such as proper meta tags, schema markup, and fast loading times.
  5. Ads Ready: Integrate ad spaces within the theme layout while ensuring they do not disrupt user experience.
  6. Fast Loading: Optimize images, scripts, and CSS files to improve page loading speed.
  7. Error 404: Customize the error page to provide helpful navigation options or suggestions for lost visitors.
  8. Social Follow Button: Include social media integration to encourage users to follow your social profiles.
  9. Search Widget: Provide a search bar for users to easily find content within your blog.
  10. Shortcode Support: Enable support for shortcodes to allow users to embed various media or functionalities into their posts easily.
  11. Read More with Automatic Thumbnails: Implement a "Read More" feature that displays post excerpts with automatic thumbnail generation.
  12. Responsive Footing: Ensure that the footer of the theme adjusts well to different screen sizes and contains relevant information or navigation links.
  13. Multi Drop-Down: Support multi-level dropdown menus for organized navigation.
  14. Related Posts with Thumbnails: Display related posts at the end of each article with thumbnail previews to encourage further engagement.
  15. Detailed Documentation: Provide comprehensive documentation for users to understand theme features and customization options.
  16. Back to Top Button: Include a button that allows users to quickly return to the top of the page, especially on long-scrolling pages.
  17. Best Responsive Menu and Layout: Continuously refine the layout and menu design for optimal user experience across devices.
  18. Schema Markup: Implement structured data markup to help search engines understand and display your content more effectively.
  19. Menu Navigation: Ensure clear and intuitive navigation menus for easy access to different sections of the blog.
  20. Recent Post: Display a list of recent posts to keep users updated on new content.
  21. Anti Adblocker: Implement measures to counter ad-blocking software while ensuring a positive user experience.
  22. Safelink Support: Provide support for safe link generation to protect against malicious links.
  23. Bookmark Feature: Allow users to bookmark or save their favorite posts for later reference.
  24. Google Translate Feature: Integrate Google Translate functionality to provide content translation for international audiences.
  25. Post Rating Feature: Enable users to rate and provide feedback on blog posts.
  26. Music Player: Include a built-in music player for playing audio files within the blog.
  27. Countdown Download Box: Implement a countdown feature for special download offers or promotions.
  28. Maintenance Mode: Offer a maintenance mode option for site administrators to perform updates or maintenance tasks without disrupting the user experience.
Facilitate seamless navigation with a responsive menu and layout, complemented by Schema Markup for enhanced visibility. Keep your audience engaged with recent posts, anti-adblocker technology, and safelink support.
Empower your readers with a bookmark feature and Google Translate integration, breaking down language barriers. Encourage interaction with post ratings and a music player, while a countdown download box adds excitement.

3. Foodi Blogspot theme

Foodi Blogger Template
Foodi Blogger Template

Foodi Blogger Template is a stylish and well-designed theme specially tailored for culinary bloggers. It is the perfect choice for individuals who are passionate about food blogging, sharing recipes, and providing food reviews. The modern design of this template is perfect for these niches, providing a seamless platform to showcase delicious food creations and share memorable recipe experiences.

This theme prioritizes user experience by being mobile friendly and featuring a contemporary design that grabs visitors' attention from their first visit. Its responsiveness ensures that content looks great on a variety of devices and screen sizes, providing a consistent and enjoyable browsing experience for all users. Whether you are a seasoned food enthusiast or a budding culinary artist, this template serves as an excellent digital canvas to express your culinary journey with elegance and style.

With Foodi, you can better share your love of food. This template provides the perfect tool to express your culinary creations and interact with the culinary community efficiently. So, create an extraordinary experience for your diners with Foodi and share your culinary delights with the world!

4. SeoFlex Blogger Theme

SeoFlex Responsive Blogger Template
SeoFlex Responsive Blogger Template
SeoFlex Responsive Blogger Template is an excellent grid-based template designed for news and magazine blogs, along with various other publishing websites. It is a high-quality option suitable for magazine sites, editorial platforms, and various types of blogs.

This template has various features, including full-width layout, compatibility with ads, related posts section, dropdown menu, post thumbnails, SEO optimization, right sidebar, breadcrumb navigation, fast loading time, threaded comments, 3 column footer, options social sharing, and a purple color scheme. It also includes additional elements such as dark mode and various template layouts to ensure the best fit for your website.

SeoFlex is the ideal solution for presenting news and magazine content with a professional and modern appearance. With the various features offered, you can create an attractive website that meets the needs of your readers. So, use SeoFlex to provide a compelling experience to your site visitors and expand the reach of your publications.

5. Revel Blogspot Template

Revel Blogspot Template
Revel Blogspot Template

Revel Blogger Template is a responsive and minimalist grid style theme designed for Blogspot websites. This template aims to provide a smooth and excellent user experience while making your website stand out from the crowd. With an attractive and fully functional layout, this template is ideal for presenting your creative work. Its minimalist design makes it perfect for digital content creators, modern blogs, writers, and motivational speakers.

Advantages of Revel:

  1. Responsive : This template is designed to be responsive, so your website will look great and function well on a variety of devices, including mobile phones and tablets.
  2. Minimalist Design : With a minimalist approach, Revel puts emphasis on your content without excessive distractions. This provides a better reading experience.
  3. Suitable for Creativity : For those who want to express their creativity, whether through images, writing, or motivational speeches, Revel is a suitable template for showcasing your creative work.
  4. Flexibility : Despite being minimalist, Revel still offers flexibility in customization. You can customize the layout and colors to suit your style.
Revel is a great choice if you want a website that emphasizes your creative work without distractions. With its minimalist design, users will focus on your content, which makes it perfect for visitors looking for inspiration and useful information. With Revel, you can deliver your messages in a unique and professional style.

6. GridMag Blogger theme

GridMag Blogger theme
GridMag Blogger theme

GridMag is the best blogger template for news and magazines, with amazing features and more control over your blog using blogger layouts. This blogger template is built with the latest coding techniques and well-optimized layout to give you a faster experience with the latest modern programming languages. From a Blogger layout, this template is fully optimized and customizable.

GridMag advantages:

  1. Modern Design : GridMag offers a modern and attractive design that is suitable for news and magazine sites. This will make your website look professional and up to date.
  2. Speed ​​Optimization : With the latest coding techniques, this template is designed for speed. Your visitors will appreciate the fast loading times.
  3. More Control : You'll have more control over the appearance and function of your blog with GridMag. This allows you to customize the blog according to your needs.
  4. Flexible : GridMag can be adapted to a variety of topics, from news and magazines to personal and lifestyle blogs. It has wide adaptability.
  5. Full Optimization : This template has been well optimized, both in terms of SEO and responsive appearance. This ensures that your site can be found easily in search engines and looks great on a variety of devices.
GridMag is an excellent choice if you want a powerful blogger template with lots of features for your news site, magazine or other blog. This gives you more control over the appearance and function of your blog, so you can provide a great experience to your readers.

7. NeoBlog Template

NeoBlog Template
NeoBlog Template

NeoBlog is the most advanced news and magazine blogger template, very flexible, and equipped with complete features. This template is created using the latest coding techniques and well-optimized layout to give you a faster experience with the latest modern programming languages.

NeoBlog Advantages:

  1. Modern Design : NeoBlog features an attractive modern design suitable for news and magazine websites. This will help your site look professional and up to date.
  2. Speed ​​Optimization : Built with the latest coding techniques, this template is designed for speed. This means your visitors will enjoy fast loading times, improving their experience.
  3. Maximum Adaptability : NeoBlog is a very flexible template and can be adapted to various topics and content. You can easily change the appearance and function of your blog to suit your needs.
  4. Complete Functionality : This template is equipped with various complete features suitable for news and magazine sites, such as latest news widgets, categories, various page layouts, and more.
  5. Full Optimization : NeoBlog has been well optimized, both in terms of SEO and responsive appearance. 
This will help your site be found more easily in search engines and will look great on a variety of devices.
NeoBlog is a very strong choice if you are looking for a sophisticated and flexible blogger template for your news and magazine site. With a full range of features and speed optimization, NeoBlog will help you provide the best experience to your readers.

8. SoraMac Blogger theme

SoraMac Blogger Design
SoraMac Blogger Design 

SoraMac Blogger Design is the ideal choice for bloggers who want a template that is powerful, contemporary and easy to use. This template is designed to be responsive, user friendly, and SEO friendly. It has all the features you would expect from a modern blogging platform, such as customizable widgets, social media integration, and more.

Advantages of SoraMac:

  1. Contemporary Design : SoraMac presents a contemporary design that will give a fresh and modern look to your blog.
  2. Responsive : This template is designed to be responsive, so your content will look good and function well on a variety of devices.
  3. User-Friendly : SoraMac was created with a focus on an easy-to-use user experience. This makes it suitable for both beginners and experienced bloggers.
  4. SEO Optimization : This template has been optimized for SEO, which means your blog will have a better chance of appearing in search results.
  5. Customizable Widgets : You can easily add customizable widgets to customize the look and function of your blog according to your preferences.
  6. Social Media Integration : With easy-to-use social media integration, you can quickly share your content and interact with your readers on social media platforms.

SoraMac is a great choice if you want a powerful, easy-to-use blogger template with a contemporary design. This will help you build an engaging and well-managed blog, whether you are a beginner or experienced blogger.

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