Install basic Blogger templates

Install basic Blogger templates
Install basic Blogger templates

Install basic Blogger templates

Sometimes for some reason, when you install a new blogger template, the template does not display as expected or some redundant widgets appear . In this article, Vietrick will guide you to install a Blogger template in a basic, easy-to-understand way, ensuring the template no longer has redundant code from the old template.

This is an article on how to install Blogger templates for newbies.

Instructions for installing Blogger templates

To install the template (interface) for Blogger, please follow the steps below:


Before preparing to change the template for Blogger, you should make a backup to prevent errors.

See more Blogger backup and restore articles .

After a full backup, we are ready to update the template.


Next, on the Blogger admin page, move to the Theme menu . At the CUSTOMIZE menu, press the menu button and select Edit HTML .

Update HTML

In the HTML content update section, copy and paste the code below and click Save .

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<!DOCTYPE html>
<html b:css='false' b:js='false' b:defaultwidgetversion='2' b:layoutsVersion='3'>
<b:attr name='xmlns' value=''/>
<b:attr name='xmlns:b' value=''/>
<b:attr name='xmlns:expr' value=''/>
<b:attr name='xmlns:data' value=''/>
<b:section id='1'/>
After updating the above code, go back to check the home page and you will see the content is a blank page.

At this point we have basically wiped out the remaining widget data from the old template. Now you can safely update the new template.

Update new templates

Also in the HTML editing section, open the file .xmlcontaining the template code, copy and paste it into the HTML editor content. Then click Save to complete.
Install basic Blogger templates
Install basic Blogger templates


Once done, go back to the home page and check that the new template is working. At this point, the new template will appear almost identical to the demo, the remaining differences need to be configured according to the article content and labels in your blog.

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