Instructions for creating a free website with Blogger

Instructions for creating a free website with Blogger
Instructions for creating a free website with Blogger

Instructions for creating a free website with Blogger

Google Blogger, also known as Blogspot , is a free weblog publishing platform from Google. Blogger is really a useful solution for those who want to create a simple blog, just write articles and publish. Google takes care of everything else. Because it is a free platform, we can only interact with Blogger using HTML and Javascript.

Introducing Blogger

Google Blogger is a weblog publishing platform, founded by Pyra Labs in August 1999 and later acquired by Google in February 2003 and made Blogger free. After being acquired, Google continued to develop and released a beta version on August 14, 2006. The official version was launched in December 2006 later.

Some characteristics of Blogger:

  • Free of charge. With a Google account, you will easily create a weblog at a cost of 0 VND. When you register, you will be able to use the subdomain: If you don't like this domain, you can also easily integrate your own domain (.com, .net,...) into Blogger.
  • Use Google services and infrastructure . Blogger is closely linked to Google services.
  • Fast and stable .
  • Security . Google takes care of all security risks as long as you keep your Google account well secured. Blogger also provides us with free SSL .
  • Free image hosting . After being acquired and integrating Picasa into Blogger in 2004. Every photo you upload is stored for free with a maximum size of up to 1600×1600 pixels. In addition, Google also promotes CDN for Picasa.
  • Adsense integration . When your website/blog meets the requirements, you can consider asking to enable Adsense monetization function.
  • Supports multiple authors . Blogger allows you to have multiple authors and admins on the same blog.
  • Manage and link articles by label

Instructions for registering Blogger

To register to use Blogger, you need a Google account.

You proceed to access . Then click CREATE YOUR BLOG to register to create a new blog.

Instructions for creating a free website with Blogger

A window appears asking to log in, here you log in with your Gmail account.

If you are using the Blogger service for the first time, Google will need you to set up a Display Name in your Blogger Profile . This profile will be the profile displayed after you comment or write a post on Blogger. Enter the display name, then click Continue with Blogger .

After completing your Blogger Profile, you will be redirected to the Blogger admin page. To create a blog, click the Create New Blog button to continue.

Next, a window appears asking to configure basic information for the Blog. Here, we need to enter the Title information and access address for the blog.

By default, Google will provide a free subdomain of the form: If you plan to use your own domain name, just enter it in this section. I will guide you through configuring your own domain name for Blogger in the next article.

After selecting a valid and unregistered address, Google will display a green check mark as shown in the image. Click on the Create blog button! to complete. Note: here I have selected Blogger's default theme, about changing the interface (theme) will be mentioned below.

At this point, we have basically completed registering a new blog. You can try accessing the blog address you just registered in the form: In there blogger-store the address you installed above.

after completing the registration, please see the introduction and instructions on how to use some basic features of Blogger in the next section.


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