Instructions for installing and using VTrick template


Instructions for installing and using VTrick template

This article will guide you to install Vietrick's VTrick template . Instructions for using some features of the template: Fake Post-Rating, Table of Content, Call to Action, Gadget block and comment system. Latest version of VTrick template: v1.9.1.

Install VTrick template

1. Download the latest version of VTrick template at:

2. Log in to Blogger's admin page: . Select the Blog page you need to manage, move to the  Theme section .

3. Follow the instructions at:

User manual

Fake post rating

A detailed introduction to this feature can be seen at:

To turn on or off the Fake Post Rating feature  , go to  the admin page  >  Theme  >  Customize .

In the menu column on the left, select the  Advanced menu > Theme Option.

Scroll down to the option:  Fake post rating . You enter the value " 1 " to enable the feature, and " 0 " to turn off the Fake Post Rating feature.

Customize the value of  Post Rating :

The Fake Post Rating feature is currently set to automatically evaluate scores from 4.5⭐ or higher. However, you can set your own rating for the article through the 2 attached links (enclosure links):

  •  0.0 -> 5.0  rating on a scale of 5
  •  123456 (int)  number of reviewers

Table of contents

Template VTrick supports both  Auto / Manual  TOC modes.

When using the  AutoTOC feature , the entire manual TOC: shortcode  <b>{tocify}</b> will be automatically removed in the post/Page.

To turn on or off the AutoTOC feature (automatically create a table of contents), go to Blogger Administration Page >  Theme  >  Customize > Advanced:  TOC options

You enter the value  0  or  1  to turn the feature on and off:

Auto Table of Content  turns on and off the table of contents automatically.

Enable Auto TOC in Page : toggle AutoToc in Page.

After  turning off Auto TOC , now to display the table of contents at any location in the article, we use the  manual TOC feature .

In the article editing section, you can switch to  HTML editing mode . Insert the following shortcode where you want to display the table of contents:

<b>{tocify} $title={Table of Contents}</b>

Where the content of  $title is the custom Table of Contents name. If you just use the default, you just need:


Call to Actions

Detailed introduction to  the Call to Actions feature  can be found at:

To customize CTA button templates, in the Blogger admin page, access the  Layout menu.  In the customization section on the right, scroll down to the bottom and update Gadgets in 2 sections:

Left CTA button : List of buttons on the left

Right CTA button : List of buttons on the right

Click the  Edit button  to customize the CTA button. Currently, the VTrick template supports a number of CTA button templates below.

In the Site name section  , enter the button code

In the Site URL section   , enter the link content

Some supported button templates with syntax in the  Site name section :

Calling: call

Messenger: messener

Telegram: telegram

Wechat: wechat

Whatsapp: whatsapp

Zalo: zalo

Gadget blocks

Template VTrick inherits all Gadget blocks on the templatify platform. You can use these Gadgets by editing Widget HTML .

{getContent} $results={Number of Results} $label={Your Label} $type={Custom Type}

In the paragraph above:

Number of Results:  number of articles

Your Label:  Label the article

Custom Type:  Type of gadget to use  block,  grid,  list,  video. Type  mini and  comments can only be used in the sidebar position.

For example:

{getContent} $results={5} $label={recent} $type={block}

In the above example, with  $label={recent} will return a list of the blog's latest posts.

Comment System

VTrick template currently supports 3 commenting systems:  blogger ,  facebook  and  disqus .

To change the comment system, access the  Layout menu , then click edit  Blog Post.

Next, in the popup that appears, enter the comment system value you need to use in the red box below.

Valid values ​​here:

Blogger: $type={blogger}

Facebook:  $type={facebook}. With Facebook, you need to install the Facebook SDK according to the instructions below.

Disqus:  $type={disqus} , or $type={disqus} $shortname={omegakd}. If using shortname, replace omegakd with your disqus shortname.

If you use Facebook Comment, you need to install the Facebook SDK. Please follow these instructions:

1. Get Facebook SDK

Go to the following page and click  Get code  to get the code. Then copy the path in the dialog box that appears.

The FB SDK vi_VN path   has the following form:;version=v10.0&amp;appId=478543156094708&amp;autoLogAppEvents=1

2. Install Facebook SDK

Access the  Layout menu , then click edit  Facebook SDK , paste the link copied in the step above into the  Add list box , click  Add Item  and save.


Template VTrick uses a number of shortcodes, you can refer to the demo and details at:


So we have basically installed the VTrick blogger template. If you have any problems or questions during use, you can leave a comment below.

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