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Best Blogger Sitemap Generator

 Generate The best blogger XML site-map for your Blogger Web-site and also for Google, Bing search console.

Many new and professional bloggers use XML sitemap formats such as redirect = ....... etc. But this is an invalid sitemap, the official Google Support developer is suggesting to use a sitemap that works for both Blogger posts and pages. The invalid site map you created above is for posts only and not for your Blogger pages, so indexing and ranking your blogs and pages is not as fast as indexing posts in Google.

Why are pages in Blogger so important? Because Blogger has a great way of ranking pages, the owner doesn't have the page's date and month, so you can use words in the title of the page to process the automatically generated owner more broadly. Looks big and modern.

Note that if you use our blog template you can rank pages, but not with other developers, none of the developers provide content for those pages such as schemas, meta tags, descriptions. They only provide posts, you can use Google Schema Test Tool to check whether our pages are support schemes and more SEO friendly pages. After installing our Blogger template, use the tools below to map the best Blogger-friendly site.

Copy your sitemap below and paste it in place of Blogger Custom robots.txt!